Internal Rules on Construction, Conduct and Use

Internal Rules

Building Regulations

To ensure peaceful and quiet environment for the population of Amatciems where it is possible to perform creative work and have a rest with family and friends, we have established uniform regulations concerning internal procedures of the village. These regulations ensure harmonic lifestyle and like-minded neighbours respecting nature and peace.


Land Utilization and Permissible Types of Constructions

            The territory of Amatciems is the land for the private house building (with public access areas established by the manager), therefore all the building plots may only be used for the construction and use of residential houses. It is permitted to build one single family residential house, bath-house, garage located near the house, arbours and other constructions in the estate usually used for meeting household needs of one family. The estate is not allowed to use for religious and cult acts, political activities, arrangement of bars, discotheques and dance clubs, needs of casinos and gambling houses, placement of gambling equipment, provision of intimate and similar services, organization of other entertaining events, provision of trade and mass services, as well as any production or other activity related to high noise level and smells.


Type of Permissible Building

            Amatciems has been planned as a village of unified style houses that is why construction, reconstruction, placement or preservation of any single family residential house, garage, fence or other constructions, pools, tennis courts or other recreational constructions within any land plot is allowed only by concluding a written agreement on the project with the Chief Architect of Cesis district and Manager.

            The permitted construction type is building of wood frame, log and masonry constructions. The permitted roof coverings – reed, wood shingles, clay or cement tiles, grass covering. Additional finish of external walls of the buildings – stone, decorative bordering, painted plaster, glass.

            The land plot must be maintained clear and tidy during construction work by respecting other population and guests and long-term accumulation of construction waste or other refuse is not permitted within the land plot. It is not allowed to establish, place or build tent towns, trailer parking lots, mobile homes, wagons, cellars, sheds, garages or any other buildings either to be used as a temporary or permanent residence or for any other purpose, except when such structures are necessary to facilitate construction of a single family residential house on the land plot.

            Each house in the village is planned individually, therefore, to maintain a panoramic view from any estate, the fence (if chosen by the owner) is transparent of not less than in the amount of 50%, the material to be used – wood, height – up to 1.2 m. The fence must be stylistically integrated with the building and architecture of the adjacent land plot.

            Taking into account that there is a wide area of forests around the village, wild animals like walking through the territory of Amatciems, that is why there are practically no fences in the village so that not to disturb free movement of animals. The only restrictions in practice are established for water reservoirs provided for the families having small children.

Protection and Removal of Trees and other Greenery

            While creating the landscape of the village, special attention was drawn to preservation of the trees that have grown there for years, as well as planting new greenery so that to open the view or to close the yard from passers-by. Therefore, a territory improvement project must be developed concerning any land plot and submitted by Manager before planting, reducing or removal of the existing greenery in any land plot. The project is not necessary to develop on the greenery which does not exceed the height of 2 (two) m when fully grown during the planting process of the building plot. Any wild plants of natural origin, especially moss, lichen, heather etc. must be treated carefully and maintained in the locations of natural origin.


            It is allowed to keep dogs, cats or other animals in the territory of Amatciems which are usually or generally considered to be pets keeping of which is allowed by legislation of the Republic of Latvia, unless these animals are kept for commercial purposes. By respecting other population and guests of the village, free movement of pets is permitted only within a fenced lot of the estate. To ensure free movement of wild animals and prevent the situation when a dog’s barking disturbs other people at night, as well as during the period when the dog is not under direct supervision of the owner, a dog must be kept indoors. By supporting human attitude to animals, under no circumstances shall any animal be kept chained but the owner must ensure that the dog doesn’t leave its territory which may be done by discipline or an electric collar (providing harmless electric current at the moment when the dog steps out of its territory). Outside this territory all dogs must be held by a leash. In order to take care of personal safety, safety of other people, as well as health of pets, all pets must be vaccinated in compliance with veterinary requirements valid in Latvia. All wild animals must be treated carefully so that not to disturb their movement and stay in the territory of the village.

Maintenance of the Vacant and Non-built-up Land Plots

            As there are no fences in the territory of Amatciems, the estates are partly visible and create the whole impression of the village, therefore the owners of any vacant and/or non-built-up land plots are responsible for keeping these land plots tidy and regularly cutting the grass and preventing any waste. If the owner has no chance or wish to keep the land plot tidy on his/her own, it will be provided by Manager for additional payment.


Disturbing Public Order

            In order to provide peaceful and quite environment in the territory of Amatciems, no activities disturbing public order or offending activites are allowed, including loud outdoor parties or picnics in the estate. By respecting the population that spend their holidays or vacation in Amatciems and want to have a rest, it is prohibited to use any loud mechanical equipment (lawn mowers, construction tools and other equipment creating loud noise). Music in cars and premises which disturbs other people is not allowed either. Since most of the roof covering is reed roof, no fireworks and other pyrotechnical activities are permitted, except centrally organized by Manager in the location specially allocated for this purpose.

Use of Water Reservoirs

            One of the most popular leisure time activity in Amatciems is fishing, thereby, individual fishing in the private pond or ponds of several owners is permitted. Commercial fishing is prohibited. To ensure peaceful environment, no motorized water transport may be used in any pond or lake, regardless of whether it is owned by one or more owners. Swimming or boating by non-motorized water vehicles is not restricted on the waters of any pond regardless of ownership, but using the bank is not allowed without the owner’s permission. In winter, each owner of the pond takes care of making the ice-holes to provide the fish with oxygen.

              This is a general view of how public order is organized in the village by the development plan of Amata Regional Council, including regulations of the territory of Amatciems, and detailed public order regulations which are Appendix to the management contract are kept by Manager.

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